Thursday, April 24, 2008

oh, to be this innocent and happy again!

Dear animal lovers,

Can you remember the time in your life when you had that optimistic enthusiasm for absolutely everything?

Uh... neither can I. But this video is cute, and it will make you want to be young again. Or, it will make you want to be a puppy again. (Hey, whatever suits your fancy! I'm not the one who has to put up with your unusual proclivities!)

Introducing the infectious enthusiasm of Willow the Puppy.

Just click on the grey text and the YouTube video should pop right up.

Hoping you'll catch something (The happiness bug, people! Get your mind out of the gutter!),


scarlettcat said...

I LOVE Willow! I wish my cat would bound around with the joys of innocence like that. She usually just bounds away from me when I try to pat her. Ahhhh, sweet Willow - you'd never do that would you. What a completely adorable link! xxx scarlett

Occupant (aka Olivia) said...


my cat is *above* bounding around enthusiastically. she leaves that for the lower life forms, like dogs and lizards. ;D

but that link is great. it gives me so much hope every time I see it.

xox O.