Thursday, April 17, 2008

dear people, welcome.

Dear People,

Welcome to my blog.

I like hamsters, and cats, and lemurs. Fish are ugly, and I refuse to eat anything that has a tentacle on it for fear of being strangled.

Music is good, but not if it sounds like banshees shrieking, or guitars being sodomized.

Many moons ago, I was diagnosed with an inability to differentiate what is real from what is not real. The doctors and scientific community call this "inability" psychosis.

Life has not been easy, living with such a diagnosis. That fateful day, when my psychiatrist uttered those dreadful words, was the worst day of my life. As the words poured out of his lips, time slowed, and I could sense that searing hot iron of stigma burn the words "mental illness" into my brain. I was branded. Forever, and ever.

In the age of information, stories are few and far between. This blog is my story... and maybe yours too.

More to follow.


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