Monday, April 21, 2008

know your place woman... er... patient... uh... uppity person

RE: Comment regarding "Dear People Who Look After People Professionally" entry.

Dear Olivia,

This is pretty hilarious, actually.

I'll bet your health care professionals looooooove treating their "defiant" patient, and are just kicking themselves for pushing themselves through all those gruelling years of medical school only to find that clever, clever you had already found all the answers out there among the oh-so-reliable "interwebs".

Your "research" isn't really worth anything, except as a basis for you to ask questions. And that's only useful if you'll listen to the answers.

Good luck getting taken seriously, ever, by any doctor, with your current attitude.


April 21, 2008 3:18 AM/stop

Dear Anonymous ,

no. my research and university degree are worth nothing.

i am a stupid idiot!

i must not get uppity, demand quality care that is free of judgment; and mostly i must keep my mouth shut when i feel that i am experiencing stigma or discrimination.

thank you for reminding me of this. i sincerely appreciate your effort and willingness to share your "knowledge" of issues of this type.

With kind regards,
Your friendly crazy person who doesn't know her place, O.

PS. Isn't it great how the anonymity of the "interweb" makes us think we have a license to be total assholes?


Joan Kelly said...

My favorite is people who use glaringly passive-aggressive turns of phrase... "this is pretty hilarious," when what he/she actually means is "you have pissed me off no end, and I am quite far from laughing. It is now my mission to see that you reach the same place."

Another popular one I'm fond of, the "I'm sorry, but -" and then going on to express a clearly-unregretted anger at the person they've just fake-apologized to.

Olivia, I love your blog. I got here via Shannon (Egotistical Whining). I used to work in a locked psychiatric facility. I'm writing a book about what that was like. I don't know if this will make sense to say, but it is a comfort to me to get to read someone who is as amazing as you seem to be, in all kinds of ways.

Occupant (aka Olivia) said...


You are very kind!


PS. Good luck with your book!