Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wake Up Sleepers... It's a New Day!

Dear Sleepers,

Wake up, for today is A New Day.

I'm afraid to be overly dramatic, but I want people to understand what America represents historically. I want people to understand the message, the symbolism, of this day.

Long ago, and not so long ago, in lands ruled by monarchs, oligarchs, and idealists, citizens found themselves repressed and restrained from acting out their will and their beliefs. Some citizens sought relief from the oppression so that they could bring their ideas to light in the world. Others sought freedom from war torn lands that were raped of the fruits meant to sustain them. Even others sought refuge from the persecution and threats of imprisonment, torture, or death that hung onto their every action.

Rumors of a new land began to circulate among the oppressed; a land that is rough and untrained, but a land that is free.

The citizens of these lands, hailing from the four corners of the Earth set out in ships, and later on flying machines to find a place where they may have peace.

They came to their new land, built it up, and carved the path of progress in rocky and almost unwilling earth. Despite their labour, and their toil, a land was made. Cities rose. The nation rose. America was a nation invented by those fleeing oppression.

Recent history has caused many Americans and many observers of America question whether or not the leaders of the Free World remembered their first promise to the oppressed: America the strong. America the brave. America the free. Come to our land, and we will offer you a new life. You will be free here.

Many have wondered, due to recent events, whether or not America has shaped itself as the new Rome, a nation of freedom for a chosen few; a nation of oppression for those not lucky enough to have been chosen. Many have questioned, is the America of today the America of the free that our ancestors imagined?

Most certainly, the day we are in informs us that America is the land of the free, for a new president has been chosen; a president whose ancestors were once bound by the chains of servitude, a president whose father's fathers and mother's mothers carved a path in a new land of promise. A new president, who promises to uphold the virtue his ancestors laboured over, has been elected. A new president who promises to fight for the freedom of EVERY American has been elected.

Welcome, the poor, the huddled, the humbled, and the oppressed masses, to your New America.

Congratulations America.

With gratitude,

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