Monday, January 26, 2009

How to make friends

Dear Loneliest of Lonelies and Those Suffering from the Blahs,

Where I come from, it is winter. It is grey, for days and days, and it is enough to drive one batty! (If you aren't batty already, like me!)

I find that the best way to cure the Winter Blahs is to chase them away by doing things that are pleasurable.

If you like a warm bath, then I say indulge!

If you like to be among friends, then I say, pick up the phone, and invite some people over.

Now, I know, when caught in the grip of the winter blues, it is hard to peel yourself off the sofa and find the motivation to do something. But I suggest, with emphasis, that you *do* something. It will make you feel better... trust me. I *know* things, not many things, but some things.

If you are seeking friendship here is the best way to make friends... offer them some cake! Trust me. People like to come around when you offer them cake.

Possibly you will also cure the mid-winter blahs, which is a good side-effect to be sure!

Having my cake and eating it too,

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