Sunday, January 11, 2009

Submit to Occupancy!

Dear Readers of This Blog,

Do you want to get it off your chest? Have a rant about a social issue that has bothered you? Do you have an experience that you want to freak out about in a safe and anonymous way?

Submit your letter to and I will (likely) post it here.*

Restlessly waiting for your response,

PS. See the disclaimer crap below. Standard stuff.

*Letters that express violence or intent to harm will not be published. All names will be changed to protect and ensure privacy. I will not publish any information relating to contact information, and I prefer if such information is omitted from the content of the letter at the time of your writing. I respect your anonymity and will never contact you, nor will I ever publish, collect, or sell your email address. I reserve the right to edit letters as required (although I hope I don't find that I need to do any editing), but I assure that I will respect the intent of the writing and the integrity of the message.

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