Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sigh...Failure of Systems

Dear Failure of Systems (refer to my last post for details),

You suck.

Because of you, people are hurt.
Because of you, vulnerable families are torn apart.
Because of you, lives are ended and people become whispers of who they once were.

Fix yourselves. (Preferably sooner than later!)

I'm not making this shit up, and here is proof, as if you should really need it:
Below is a news article from the Globe and Mail on our system's most recent catastrophic failure.
Grisly killings expose system's failure

Hanging my head in grief,
PS. I'm not asking; I'm expecting.


sad said...

That is very sad. People don't get the help they need in this world.

Also sad, but in another way, is how the newspaper wants me to pay money to read the rest of the article.

Occupant (aka Olivia) said...

Yes, sad. It is very sad.

And yes, the paper does that; it makes you pay once the article has been archived.

I'll try to find a link that is free.